NEW Gradening Equipment Tool LTL Stage 2 Advanced Multi-Function Recycling Timer


(as of 03/08/2017)

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Stage 2 – Advanced Recycling Timer 205002 The Stage 2 by LTL Controls is a multi-function recycling timer that operates with an extremely high level of accuracy, reliability, and precision all the way down to the individual second. The Stage 2 is actually 2 separate timers with 4 timer settings connected to 4 individual outputs. Both sets of timers have On and Off settings capable of controlling a pair of outputs. Each pair of outputs has a normally open or normally closed designation, allowing you to use each timer as a flip-flop timer, meaning you can operate 2 devices on opposite schedules for each timer. The Stage 2 is designed to activate any device (pumps, fans, lights, etc.) at precise intervals, and it allows the user to select a Day, Night, or 24 Hour mode which the built-in photocell will automatically respond to. For added convenience and customization, the Stage 2 also allows you to select how the timers will react in the event of a power interruption.