Agile-Shop Compression Tool Kit F RCA BNC RG58 Connector Fitting Coaxial Crimper Cable Coax


(as of 04/07/2017)

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The item using high precision hardness material, which is light and convenient to carry, durable,and has a long service life.
Handle place using special soft rubber material,which can reduce slip, and using comfortable,bring a great experience, confort to anthroposomatology.
Handle lock set is convenient for after using’s receive protection,and locking net clamp.
Adjustable wire stripping pliers,which head can rotate and adjust into four kinds of coaxial cables, equipped with hexagonal tools can adjust the depth of the v-shaped incision, 3 to 6 clockwise circle, one-time peeling, keep inner core.

Gross Weight: 512 g / 18 oz
Size: 22 * 9.2 * 5 cm / 8.67 * 3.6 * 1.97 inch

Package Includes:
1 x Universal Compression Tool
1 x Coax Cable Stripper
20 x Compression Connectors


  • High precision hardness material
  • Convenient to carry, durable and has a long service life
  • Adjustable wire stripping pliers,high efficiency
  • Universal Compression Tool,bring a great experience for users
  • Compression tool kit is a compact solution for technicians