Gardner Bender MCS-100W Multi-Cable Staple, NM , Coaxial & Data/CAT V, Red


(as of 03/08/2017)

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Gardner Bender provides a complete line of staple and fastening solutions for all industries, including industrial, residential, construction, or manufacturing. From low voltage wire to service entrance cables, professionals rely on Gardner Bender for quality fastening products. Our staples are designed to offer fast and easy installation when securing most types of cable. The multicable staples organize and secure multiple cable runs on a stud.


  • Secures NM/Romex, coaxial and cat 5 all on the same staple
  • Snap lock gate quickly and easily secures all cables
  • Self-centering tab guides perfect placement on a stud
  • Secures with a nail or staple for wood studs, a screw for metal studs
  • Fast, easy installation with one nail for wood studs or one screw for metal studs (fasteners included)