Ecoshine® 1000 lm handheld cordless rechargeable portable LED work light with hanging hook and magnetic base,Built-in two rechargeable lithium batteries and two charges,Package with a tool kit


(as of 03/05/2017)

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1. Independent R&D mould, reasonable human body engineering design, reasonable internal shock design and internal heat dissipation design, widely used in vehicle maintenance and repair, outdoor emergency lighting, etc.
2. The whole light flux reach 900 lm, 8 W, color temperature 5600-6000 k. light source adopts 36 PCS single 0.2 W 2835 type LED lamp bead, high photosynthetic efficiency, good heat dissipation, few Lumens depreciation.
3. The lamp body with bidirectional folding hook at the top, can rotate 180 degrees, with a strong magnet at backside.
4. The whole lamp IP rating reaches 65, water proof, can be used in rainy day, but you can not soak in the water.
5. The whole lamp is anti-throw, anti-seismic, non-friable, can bear the weight under 1 ton,; lamp body transparent Mask using high transparent PC material, anti-glare.
6. The lamp body contains two rechargeable lithium batteries(18650 tyoe), single capacity is 2600mA.h, two rechargeable lithium battery pack with preventing overcharge discharge protection circuit. Charge one time, the light could lasts 3 hours, if the light is discontinuous, using time will be longer.
7. With one power supply(110-250V) and one car charger(12-24V), output current reaches 1 A, single charge in 2-2.5 hours.


  • Packing with toolkit,It can be carried with you more conveniently
  • Hight lihgt up to 1000 lm,the power of LED light source is up to 8W,two pieces of 18650 high capacity rechargeable lithium battery included,with 180°rotating bi-fold hanging hook , with NdFeB Magnet
  • Anti-throw, anti-seismic, non-friable, can bear the weight under 1 ton,water proof, can be used in rainy day, but it is not equal to soaking in the water
  • Wide Use Range: household work,auto repair, construction, camping, hiking, workshop, roadside safety, emergency kits, survival device, home security and so on. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
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