1 inch Threaded Con-Stab Chamfering Tool


(as of 03/05/2017)

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Wal-rich 2888016 – 1″ Threaded Con-Stab Chamfering Tool – Test your chamfer by using the ¡°Test Gauge¡± on your chamfer tool. The test gauge approximates the o-ring-embedded insert inside each ConStab fitting. Test your chamfer by pushing the pipe over the test gauge. If the pipe is chamferred properly, it should fit over the test gauge with minimum effort.


  • For Constab “ID Seal” fittings only
  • Pipe Size and SDR Specific
  • Made in USA

You must use a Continental Chamfer Tool on a Continental Fitting.

  • Size: 1″ Connection Type: Threaded Wall Thickness: SDR-11